Shepherd's Staff
76 Bay Creek Road
Loganville, GA  30052
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Ministries, Inc.
About Us
In the year 2000, Shepherd's Staff began as an outgrowth of the Community Chest organization. Local churches assumed much of the responsibility of the organization and a program was developed to reach more people in the Loganville community, thus creating The Shepherd's Staff Ministries, Inc.
For the last 18 years, continued support from our community partners has allowed Shepherd's Staff to continue growing and offering more strategic programs to Loganville residents in need.  Through Christ's love, Shepherd's Staff desires to help facilitate permanent change in the lives of Loganville residents in crisis.  By meeting basic human needs first, our clients can refocus energy on permanent life changes in their spiritual, financial and emotional lives with our help.  Our always evolving, dynamic curriculum engages our clients and puts them on a pathway of hope by giving them opportunities to improve themselves and the lives of their families.
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